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Information for Parents

Signed Up For A Study? Here’s What To Expect:

After you have made an appointment you should receive the following:

  •  A confirmation call the day before you’re scheduled to come in
  •  An email reminding you of your time and the directions to our lab.


I20130920-Bousfield-06-700x466mportant information for the day of:

  • When you’re approaching the parking lot in front of the Psychology building, one of us will standing outside with a big sign that says “Husky Pup Language Lab”.
  • The greeter will give you a parking pass to place on your dashboard and will show you the closest lot to park in.
  • After parking, the greeter will help you and your infant make your way to the waiting room of the lab where you will be asked to sign a consent form.
  • One of our researchers will the come and talk to you about what will happen while the experiment is going on, as well as take some head measurements of your little one.
  • You will then come inside our lab room and take a seat, placing the baby on your lap. When the infant is ready, the experiment will begin!
  • After the experiment is over (in 5-10 minutes), we’ll let your child choose a fun toy and the research assistant will escort you out to your car. Just in case we forget, make sure to remind us to take back the parking pass!

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